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Managing Stress During Exams

When exam time rolls around, managing stress is key. A little bit of stress can be a good thing, helping you focus and get things done. But if your stress is overwhelming, it can paralyze you and make it impossible to function. Your individual threshold for stress is unique to you. Certain things that trigger […]

Managing Your Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is all the information about you that exists online. This includes news articles about you or where you are quoted, and of course your social media posts. Why does my Digital Footprint Matter? When you apply to college or a job, your digital footprint can impact your outcome. Schools and employers want […]


If you are in college, landing internships can be key to your future success. It opens the doors to a permanent job offer with the company or gives you credibility to land your next internship or job. What are internships? An internship is a short term position with a company that provides students with work […]

Summer Jobs

When you’re in high school or college, having summer jobs is important. It builds your resume, gets you connections for future references or letters of recommendation, and of course helps your bank account. Why Get Summer Jobs? Summer jobs are very beneficial. You can: Make Money Build Your Resume Grow Your Network Develop Life Skills […]

Making Summer Plans

In high school and college, making summer plans is key to building your network and achieving success. What are my options? Let Lattice Climbers walk you through the various options for your summer, including jobs, internships, and volunteering, while navigating the pitfalls of the application process, vacation plans, and enjoying life. For a good look […]

Professional Brand: What is it and Why Create It?

Personal Versus Professional Brand These days, there is little difference between a personal and a professional brand. It’s basically your reputation. Your brand will determine whether someone wants to write you a letter of recommendation, hire you, work with you or support your journey on the lattice. “Your brand is what people say about you […]