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Top Ten Back to School Tips

Here are our top 10 back to school tips!  Manage your time. Create a routine. Put together a schedule. Meet with your counselor. Get involved. Make a friend in every class. Socialize every day. Manage stress. Be realistic.  Ask for help. Back to School Tip #1: Manage Your Time In high school and college, managing […]

Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries at Work It is a running joke amongst older generations that Gen Z’s goal of setting boundaries at work is just laziness. Back in the olden days, employees just did the work that was given to them. They took on more and went beyond their scope of duties without pushback. Managers are learning […]

Event Etiquette

Know your event etiquette. It’s the time of year when everybody’s calendars are full of social and work events. You may be fielding invites to weddings, graduations, and parties, as well as managing networking events set up by your summer job or internship. While all of these events may be exciting, they can also be […]

How to Communicate Professionally

If you want to climb the lattice, knowing how to communicate professionally is a skill you need to master. It’s all about keeping your emotions under control and understanding boundaries. Having a Professional Email Address Your choice of private email address matters. You cannot communicate professionally if your email address is whimsical, funny, inappropriate, or […]

How to Be Professional

If you want to achieve career success, you must learn how to be professional. You may be thinking, “Why does being professional matter to me? What does being professional even mean?” Read on and we will tell you all you need to know! Professionalism in the Workplace Professionalism is how you present yourself to others. […]

Your First Day at a Summer Job or Internship

Your first day at a summer job or internship will be exciting and stressful at the same time. So many questions will run through your head as you contemplate your first day. What to wear? What to bring? Am I prepared? Can I handle the assignments? Don’t worry! With proper preparation, you will be confident […]