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Here are our top 10 back to school tips! 

  1. Manage your time.
  2. Create a routine.
  3. Put together a schedule.
  4. Meet with your counselor.
  5. Get involved.
  6. Make a friend in every class.
  7. Socialize every day.
  8. Manage stress.
  9. Be realistic.
  10.  Ask for help.

Back to School Tip #1: Manage Your Time

In high school and college, managing your time is your responsibility. If you do not manage your time things can become overwhelming and you can fall behind.  

Back to School Tip #2: Make Good Decisions

Even small decisions can have long-term impact. Skipping one assignment or showing up late once may not hurt your final grade, but if you continually skip assignments or class you will fail and have to retake it.

Back to School Tip #3: Put Together a Schedule

Create a schedule to manage school assignments, extracurricular activities, time with friends, and possibly a part-time job. For more on how to create a schedule and stick to it, check out this article from Indeed

Back to School Tip #4: Meet With Your Counselor

Meet with your counselor to review your schedule. Be sure you’re taking the right classes you need to graduate. If you know what you want to do after graduation, your school counselor can help you choose the classes you need to get there. If you don’t know what you want to do, create options for yourself by taking the most difficult course load you can handle.

Back to School Tip #5: Get Involved

Figure out what you’re interested in and join a related club or sport. If you’re in high school, you need extracurriculars to get into college.  If you’re in college, you need to create opportunities for socializing and networking.

Back to School Tip #6: Make a Friend in Every Class

Making a friend in every class will help you have someone to study with, and someone to share notes with if you have to miss class due to illness or other conflict.

Back to School Tip #7: Socialize Every Day

Humans are social beings, and we need interactions with others in order to thrive. Even introverts need social time. Grab coffee with a friend, meet friends for dinner, or go to a party – but don’t stay out too late if you have an early class the next day!  

Back to School Tip #8: Manage Stress

School is stressful. There is so much pressure to perform and achieve, plus added social pressures when forming and finding friend groups. Acknowledge this stress and don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you feel yourself getting stressed out, take some deep breaths, medidate for just one minute, try progressive muscle relaxation, or take a walk.

Managing stress is also easier if you develop healthy habits. Getting enough sleep at night will ensure you are awake and alert for class in the morning. Choosing the healthy option with food will give you energy and focus. Getting regular exercise will improve your physical and mental health. 

For more on managing stress, especially during exams, read our blog post here.

Back to School Tip #9: Be Realistic

Nobody knows you better than you. Be realistic about what motivates you and what makes you procrastinate. Identify the best way to help you help yourself. For example, if you tend to pull all-nighters the night before an essay is due, make efforts to write the essay early so that you get the sleep you need. If studying makes you sleepy, make yourself get up and do jumping jacks for a minute in between study sessions.

Back to School Tip #10: Ask for Help

If you find yourself struggling academically, ask for help as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the end of the semester, because there is not much your teacher or professor can do to help you at that point.

If there are circumstances beyond your control that are impacting your ability to do well, you should also ask for help. You are not alone. There are many resources at your school available to help students succeed.