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If you want to achieve career success, you must learn how to be professional. You may be thinking, “Why does being professional matter to me? What does being professional even mean?” Read on and we will tell you all you need to know!

Professionalism in the Workplace

Professionalism is how you present yourself to others. It is all about your behavior and attitude. Being professional while on the job is essential and will enhance your brand. Learn more about building your brand here

Being professional in the workplace demonstrates to your employer that you care about your career and respect your peers. It will help you in your journey on the lattice. But if you show a lack of professionalism, you show a lack of respect toward your employer. This could impact whether or not you keep the job, move up in the company structure, or get a good reference after you leave the job.

Elements of Professionalism

  1. Showing up on time (five minutes early)
  2. Having a positive attitude
  3. Dressing according to company culture
  4. Being respectful of fellow employees
  5. Maintaining personal hygiene
  6. Staying off your phone
  7. Keeping conversations with colleagues free of slang, profanity, gossip, and inappropriate topics
  8. Proofreading written communications, including email, for proper grammar
  9. Accepting assignments, do your best on them and turn them in on time
  10. When you complete work, being proactive and seek out additional assignments
  11. Accepting feedback without taking it personally
  12. If you move to a new job, don’t ghost the old job. 
  13. Getting in the habit of expressing thanks to those who help you.

How to be professional

Professionalism in Building Your Network

If you learn how to be professional, you will greatly increase the chances that someone will be willing to add you to their network or join your network. This includes your teachers or professors, coaches, community leaders in your volunteer activities, and family friends.

These relationships matter. Having a strong network will greatly impact your journey on the lattice. These are the people who can provide a good reference or letter of recommendation, serve as mentors, or connect you to a job. 

Professionalism in Your Personal Life

Your professional and personal life will often overlap. There may be social situations which mix your friends and colleagues. And how you behave in your personal life can have a huge impact on your professional life.

If you commit to a social engagement, follow through. Don’t become known as flaky. But once you’re at a social engagement, be mindful of how you behave and how late you stay out. You need to be able to function professionally at work the next day.

Even when running a simple errand like going to the grocery store, think about how you present yourself. Imagine meeting your boss or a colleague outside of a work situation. How would they perceive you?

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