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In high school and college, making summer plans is key to building your network and achieving success.

What are my options?

Let Lattice Climbers walk you through the various options for your summer, including jobs, internships, and volunteering, while navigating the pitfalls of the application process, vacation plans, and enjoying life. For a good look at what some of these summers jobs pay, check out this Forbes article.

Making Summer Plans

Building Your Network

You never know who you will meet when you’re on the job. Colleagues, clients, and managers could all be a conduit to your next summer job or internship or a full time position. Be open to conversation. Smile and make eye contact. This is easy for extroverts, but even if you’re an introvert you need to gear up to be social while on the job.

Knowing Your Story

Prepare an elevator pitch about yourself. This is a 30 second to 1 minute narrative about who you are and where you’re headed. The simple request, “Tell me about yourself!” can be a terrifying one. If you take time to think about your story, it will make connecting with others easier. You may have common backgrounds or interests and that can be a good starting point to a working relationship, friendship, or mentorship.

What’s the Best Fit for Me?

Ask yourself some questions. What do you need financially from your summer experience? What skills are you hoping to build? Do you want to preview your future career with an internship in the field? Do you want to work indoors or outdoors? How much work experience do you already have? (While jobs in the service industry are plentiful right now, internships are highly competitive.) Who do you know who would give you their stamp of approval and a connection to a summer job or internship?

How Do I Apply?

It depends on the job. For some industries, you fill out an online application. Others require a resume and cover letter. For some positions, you must go in person and get a physical application. Read the job description and requirements. Fill out paperwork in blue or black ink. Make sure all the information is correct. DO NOT lie or exaggerate your qualifications!

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