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Listen in on Ali and Guang Ming as they discuss the best options for your summer plans.

Do Something Not Nothing

Whether you choose to get a job, try to land an internship or spend your time volunteering, you CANNOT do nothing. Your high school and college summers are a key opportunity for building your network and setting yourself up for future success.

Don’t Lie or Exaggerate

Don’t say you’re fluent in a language if you’re not. Don’t say you’re an expert in Excel if you’re not. Don’t pad your resume with fake jobs or references. If and when you get caught, you’ll burn bridges and damage your professional brand.

Be Thorough In Your Application

If it is a paper application, do it in blue or black ink. Make sure there are no errors in your application, resume, or cover letter. If you have to write a cover letter, research the company and make sure your letter is as specific to that company as possible. If you’re flooding the world with applications, check each one to be sure you don’t accidentally use the wrong company name in your cover letter!

Build Your Network

Don’t walk the halls with your headphones on and head down. Smile and make eye contact. Be open to conversation. You never know who will help you on your journey once you’ve established a good working relationship.

Be Proactive

Never be doing nothing while on the job. When you’ve finished a project, ask for a new one. This is how you build your professional brand as someone who is proactive and a good employee. If you want to broaden your summer experience, finishing projects early can be an opportunity to ask for work in a different area.


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